MBE for Tony Scott


As a team, we are all thrilled to hear the news that Tony Scott, a liver transplant recipient in 1998, and team member of Addenbrookes Transplant Games Team has been awarded an MBE in the 2015 New Year Honours List, for Services to Education.

Throughout his 47 years (and counting!) in education, he has inspired thousands of teachers, students and their families during his 34 year secondary school teaching career and in his current role as Chief Examiner for GCSE Physical Education, as well as through the many GCSE PE publications (text books, revision books, teacher guides, etc.) he has written, which are widely used throughout this country and overseas.

He is immensely proud and deeply honoured to receive this award (not to mention extremely surprised!) and we know that the many friends he has made over the years through the wonderful world of transplant sport will be delighted for him.  Well done Tony!

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  1. Tony Scott was the best teacher ever and it’s been over 35 years since he taught my sister and all her friends and he really was fantastic. So friendly and so kind and made lessons so enjoyable. Seriously thrilled to hear he has received an MBE and to read of all his achievements since leaving Orange Hill School. A remarkable man. Does anyone have an email address for him as I would love to write to him and congratulate him. I think I’ve seen him walking his dog near where I have recently moved too but didn’t want to say anything incase it wasn’t him but the more I think about it, the more I do think it is him now!! If anyone has an email address, I’d be so grateful. Well done Mr Scott or Scotty as we used to call him!

      1. Terry I appreciate that so much! Thank you. A wonderful blog to read and so happy to know that Mr Scott who in many of our eyes as his students, got the accolade he so richly deserved. PE was always such fun because the best person taught us. To also read about his transplant but the fact he hasn’t even let that get in the way. A total inspiration. Thanks again Terry for passing on my details. Kindest regards, Joanne.

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