The Transplant Games

Why not come and join the Addenbrookes (Cambridge) Transplant Games Team. We are a friendly team who always welcomes new members. Our team consists of both liver and kidney recipients. Celebrate your 'gift of life' by coming and competing in the transplant games or some of the smaller sporting events such as the badminton, volleyball or golf tournaments. You don't have to be good at sport and you will make some amazing friends that have been through the same experiences as yourself. If you are not up to competing I am sure you will enjoy the organised social events, why not come and see what it's all about !!!!!! If you want more information please contact us.


Addenbrookes Hospital
Addenbrookes is the name of a hospital located in Cambridge, England and like many other hospitals around the UK, is a specialist centre for performing certain types of transplant operations for those who require them. Presently the unit performs Liver, Kidney, Small Bowel and Pancreas transplants. The Transplant Unit has a world-wide reputation for pioneering work. Over the last thirty years the facilities have been developed in order to provide good quality care to patients who come to the unit.



Transplant Sport organises sporting and social events throughout the UK for all transplant recipients aged from 2 – 70+.  Our aims are to:
Raise awareness of the need for organ donation,
Encourage transplant recipients to lead active lifestyles.
Show appreciation for and remember donors and their families.
The results of Transplant Sport’s work inspire many – not only do participants enhance their physical and mental well being, they actively demonstrate the benefits of organ donation and promote the need for more donors.
After each British Transplant Games there is a significant increase in the number of registrations on the Organ Donor register.
Membership is open to all who have received a lifesaving organ transplant or bone marrow from a donor, family members and supporters.